Wilma Schroeder
Visual Artist

Wilma Schroeder Biography (2018)

Wilma Schroeder is a Winnipeg-based artist whose focus is acrylic painting, primarily of landscapes. She initially took a variety of courses in middle childhood, at the Brandon Arts Centre, in Brandon, Manitoba, Canada. Over the years, she continued to draw and paint, and to take classes or workshops, but ultimately focused on a career in health care and nursing education. Since retiring from that career, she has resumed her interest in art.


Wilma was a studio resident at cre8ery in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada from 2008-2015, and continues to maintain her membership in cre8ery. She also was a member of the Nursing Education and Art Interest Group, a group of nursing educators from the universities and colleges in Manitoba, who use art as a teaching tool. She belonged to that group from 2014 until her retirement from nursing education in 2017.


In 2013, Wilma exhibited in a group show by graduates of the nursing program at University of Manitoba. 


Wilma paints with acrylics, usually in an impressionist style and occasionally uses an abstract style. She also draws with pencils and pastels.  Her subject matter is most often scenes from nature, particularly Lake of the Woods and the Whiteshell, as well as prairie scenery. 


Wilma's studio space is at 603-70 Arthur St., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Her art can be viewed there by appointment only. She also exhibits periodically in the auxiliary gallery at the cre8ery, 125 Adelaide St., Winnipeg. 


Follow Wilma on Instagram @wilmaschroederart